Our mission is to inspire, unite, and educate communities about social awareness and empathy through the arts.

"Everyone has a role to play in their community. Teaching people to be more mindful of how that role affects everyone around them should ideally function to benefit the collective well-being. Empathy needs to be part of our daily thought process."

-Victoria Renée

VR Arts & Empathy Project Launch Day

Join us on this journey!

Live for something, have a purpose, and keep that purpose in your view - Robert Whitaker

VR Arts & Empathy Project

Teaching Empathy Through The Arts

Teaching Empathy Through Museum Exhibitions

Supporting Arts Education for African Americans

We provide instruction for empathy and inclusion through varied art forms such as art mediums, music, poetry, textiles and writing.

We teach empathy in educational spaces through exhibitions that initiate invaluable conversations across diverse communities.

We sponsor workshops, seminars, and various educational events where artists, organizations, and educational institutions can meet to collaborate about social awareness, diversity and inclusion.

Smithsonian National Museum of American History

An exhibition and installation celebrating diverse comic book Superheroes

Our Partnerships and Scholarships