Our mission is to inspire, unite, cultivate and educate communities about social awareness and empathy through the arts.

VR Arts & Empathy Project

Our purpose is to build unity, empathy, and social awareness through the arts.

Our goal is to strengthen and empower, break barriers, and build confidence and character through mixed media. We are focused on creating authentic connections that encourage artistic balance while cultivating talent to inspire social action.



Our vision is put into action through a variety of programs that explore empathy through the arts. We believe that teaching empathy through the arts will impact society as a whole.


Exhibitions have the potential to open people's eyes to their own biases and create a safe place for them to think and talk through the 'lived' experiences that shaped them. This is the most important goal to me because if we have the ability to do so, then we have the responsibility to do so.

  • - Victoria Renée